Ingezonden dissertaties 2020


Esther Bakker-Van Gijssel

A pro-active health assessment instrument for people with intellectual disabilities

Towards reducing health inequities

Samenvatting Esther Bakker

Leontien Bossink

A Move Ahead

Research into the physical activity support of people with (severe or profound) intellectual disabilities

Samenvatting Leontien Bossink

Annemarie Dijkhuizen

Physical fitness and performance of daily activities in persons with intellectual disabilities and visual impairment

Towards improving conditions for participation

Samenvatting Annemarie Dijkhuizen

Tessa Frankena

Optimising inclusive health research: where expectations and realities meet

Meaningful collaboration with people with intellectual disabilities

Samenvatting Tessa Frankena

Marion Kiewik

Prevention and Intervention of Substance Use and Misuse among Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Samenvatting Marion Kiewik

Maartje Knotter

The Whole is More

A Contextual Perspective on Attitudes and Reactions of Staff Towards Aggressive Behaviour of Clients with ID in Residential Institutions

Samenvatting Maartje Knotter

Noortje Kuijken

Integrating health promotion into the everyday life of people with intellectual disabilities

Samenvatting Noortje Kuijken

Jans van Ool

Diagnostic and neuropsychiatric considerations in epilepsy and intellectual disability

Psychological perspectives

Samenvatting Jans van Ool

Tessa Overmars-Marx

Perspectives on neighbourhood social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities

A study on social inclusion in the neighbourhood from the perspective of people with intellectual disabilities, neighbours and group home staff members

Samenvatting Tessa Overmars-Marx

Maaike van Rest

Social Information Processing in Adolescents with Mild to Borderline Intellectual Disability

Executive Functions, Situational Factors, and Instrument Development

Samenvatting Maaike van Rest

Janice Sandjojo

Turning disabilities into abilities

Promoting self-management in people with intellectual disabilities

Samenvatting Janice Sandjojo

Baukje Schippers

Reduction of coercive measures

A multidisciplinary approach in care for people with intellectual disabilities

Samenvatting Baukje Schippers

Francesca Snoeijen-Schouwenaars

Diagnostic, neuropsychiatric and therapeutic considerations in epilepsy and intellectual disability

Medical perspectives

Samenvatting Francesca Snoeijen-Schouwenaars

Joke Stoffelen

Sexuality and intellectual disability

Samenvatting Joke Stoffelen

Lien Vanderkerken

Exploring new roads towards more familly quality of life

A study on family quality of life, the family-centered approach, and the relation between both, in families with a child with intellectual disability in the context of home-based support in Flanders

Samenvatting Lien Vanderkerken

Cis Vrijmoeth

Timely identification of people with intellectual disabilities in need of palliative care

Samenvatting Cis Vrijmoeth

Ilse Zaal-Schuller

Decision-making in uncertainty

End-of-life decision-making for severely disabled children

Samenvatting Ilse Zaal